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About Us

We are end-to-end E-commerce so lutions provider offering complete online sales management to the leading global brands. led by a team with years of e Commerce experience, we provide online sales management solutions for brands & sellers to sell across all possible channels of Ecommercec.


We provide the following services:

Order Processing

We provide you full-fledged order processing services, to ship all your orders after defining your picking, packaging preferences, all from a single screen.

Returns Management

Returns Management As Per Company Rules

Customer and Seller Support

Seller support We have set a benchmark in helping thousands of businesses find success in selling on e-commerce platforms.


It’s an all-too-common feeling amongst marketers who are responsible for increasing traffic, boosting engagement, testing, and most importantly increasing conversions.

Product and Seller Account Re view Management

Our digital nomads track the marketplaces and your e-commerce brand stores to optimize your listings, spy upon competitors remarks and accumulate 360-degree overview

Fulfillment by Marketplacet

From creating your store to managing inventory, customer service and returns, we can bring your online business to the next level.


Sulochanaecom is all about creation, commitment and collaboration. As Delhi and Noida’s premier e-commerce photo studio, we create the story of exceptional products and people with our impeccable imagery.

Claims Management

Claims Management is a specialist divi sion to deal exclusively with entities that retain significant levels of risk to their own account. In most cases


Kiran Kumar Ogge

Managing Director

Progress for me has never been a dream. It has always been a distant reality and once one milestone is achieved. There is always another one waiting to be crossed. It is with this belief that I started Sulochana E commerce pvt ltd.,in 2019, a company that was in the business of e commerce base for seller support. Sulochana E commerce pvt ltd is became a prominent name in its business segment, but like every entrepreneur sticks to their dream, I always wanted to push my company to more prosperous milestones. I always perceived my company as a unit that could make a difference with its quality and competitively priced products and services. Taking a pathless travelled, Sulochana E commerce pvt ltd a highly sensitive business that requires a high amount of technical know-how, expertise and specialized knowledge.
  Overcoming challenge after challenge with the support of my brilliant team. The company will continue to scale milestone of excellence for years to come.



Rs500per month

  • Seller Account Registration
  • Per Marketplace Site
  • Nulla at volutpat diam uteera
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Rs50002 Months package

  • 5 Sku upload
  • Creating Graphic images
  • Generating A+ content Amazon Management Pack
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Rs80002 Months package

  • For Launch businesses
  • 2 Market place
  • Generating Max Upto 100 Skus
  • Seo friendly content
  • Basic Cataloging
  • Uploading catalogs
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Free Image Resize
  • Free Seller Registration & Approval
  • Support
  • Image Editing White Bg Charge
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SULOCHANAECOM Package Extra Basic Plan

Rs180002 Months package

  • For Startup businesses
  • 3 Marketplace
  • Max Upto 200 Skus
  • Seo friendly content
  • Basic Cataloging
  • Uploading catalogs
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Free Image Resize
  • Free Seller Registration & Approval
  • Support
  • Image Editing White Bg Charge
  • Extra Promotion Activity ( Coupon,Combo etc)
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T-HUB, 3rd Floor, 1st Block, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.


+91 8317625363, 9703965053

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